Inspiring movement toward vegan and plant-based life choices.

Hello from Northern California! Stairway To Vegan is here to bring you wearables that foster and encourage vegan diets and lifestyles!

This project is to inspire collateral un-damage and the massive positive outcomes from improving our food, health, habits, materials, outlook and behaviours by replacing animals with plants for every use. The positive changes to lives and the world on every level are almost incalculable.

Evidence shows that not only is it the right thing to do for our health, and the humane treatment of animals, but that swapping animals for plants for everything possible will be key to retaining a livable atmosphere and environment for living organisms,  including us, in both the near-term and long-term future.

The Designs

The words and graphics on these designs sprout from years of notes, scribbles and observations. There's a story behind each design. I record ideas whenever the idea strikes me - which is a lot. Realizations and epiphanies, sketched and fragmented creative ideas, and just plain truths and realities. 

Some are fun, some are whimsical. Some are very direct. But they are all sides of the same concept. 

Graphics + words + sharing = cultural change.

As a communicator, I have always naturally looked for ways to frame and explain complex ideas in real ways that make people go "hmmm". All those times you see something or hear or experience something that cause you to shift your thinking in a small or large way -- capture those and put them into graphics.

As someone who can't help but see the madness going on in our world, where we have, through convenience, capitalism and marketing, created complex, wasteful, unhealthy and morally wrong systems for almost everything, I want to help change things and help people become more aware -- not just become more aware but take action now. As in today, personally. Which is how I try to live (imperfectly) but trying consciously, every day, and coming away with as many non-compromises in the way one lives is the point.

I'm a lifelong creative director, content developer and media producer based in a small northern California town. Here, as in many places, there's always much ado about knowing and learning all the small details of creating good health, heart and mind. It runs strong in our conversations and lives.

And the common thing I have noticed is that big change only happens when people at large incrementally learn from those who lead with ideas and modeling. Otherwise, true cultural change does not take place.

So I am creating multiple projects to address each of those areas of needed action, and will stimulate thought and ideas across various media and lifestyle channels - including this project.

Spreading ideas is the #1 way to change the world.

Thank you for visiting -- and hopefully wearing -- Stairway To Vegan designs, and supporting and promoting the ideas and values of both veganism and 100% plant based health and life.

~ Steve