Quality & Sustainability


My goals are twofold: inspiring more folks to try and switch to veganism byu sharing ideas, and high quality apparel in service of that.

I will always strive to continue to improve in not just design and message, but materials and production and shipping sustainability.

My aim is to produce and deliver the highest quality, most socially responsible garments and gift items possible, and to improve this more over time. This is a huge challenge and I am sure the journey will be ever changing and improving.

This is not fast fashion.

This is custom, made-to-order, low-waste, high quality and long lasting clothing.

I don't want to be saying one thing and doing another -- for isn't that one of the biggest problem we have going globally?


To start, my designs are created at very high resolutions and color depths. Then I create a high-res print output and sync it up to the optimal color choices available on a state of the art direct-to-garment printing system from my print partner. 

When an order is placed, my print partners in Chatsworth, California and Charlotte, North Carolina hand pick and quality check the blank garment, align it on a state of the art digital printing device, and apply the design.

They use state of the art direct to garment (DTG) printing systems with low waste features that recirculate and reuse unused ink. The inks are water based and eco-friendly and exceedingly low toxicity - safe enough for children under 12.

The ink is then heat cured, and your order is hand packed and and ships to you via a tracked service!

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  • I am currently printing with water-based, eco-friendly, low toxicity inks on a high quality poly/cotton/rayon fabric, on shirts Made in the USA using materials produced in the US and other countries.
  • All designs are applied by hand, and garments are shipped from, either Chatsworth, CA or Charlotte, NC (depending on workload and blank garment availability).
  • Using US made garments and an onshore print and fulfillment partner is for both quality and globally-local economic support reasons, and to lower the energy and carbon impact of global shipping of finished garments, as well as saying no to low pay garment work outside the US.
  • This made-to-order process on a US-made garment can be a little more costly, but I feel the combo of high quality, lack of overrun waste, and contributing to our economy is very worth it.
  • My print partner uses partially recycled and recyclable shipping materials across their various made to order products, and the tee shirts I print are sent out in thin, strong, non-padded poly bags much less voluminous than most bags coming from the average shipper these days. That said, to me any plastic is undesirable, and I am going to discuss with my print partner the options for improvements in this area (recycled paper packaging, etc).

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In the future I will continue to review and improve any aspect of my production quality and sustainability levels possible. These may include moving to organic cotton (pending locating the right garments) or recycled or hybrid natural/plastic fabrics (such as Patagonia is experimenting with) or printing on other plant based materials that verifiably pass ecological muster (bamboo is one that comes to mind however much "bamboo" fabric is rayon with bamboo fiber subbing for cotton or wood, and is in fact a lateral move from standard rayon).

Bottom line: in line with my values of further and further lowering impact on the environment, I'm going to continually screen and rescreen my offerings, processes, partners, shippers and shipping processes to press for more and more quality and sustainability -- in the shortest amount of time, and on all levels.

Thank you for supporting this work, and these efforts and products with your trust and hard earned funds.

~ Steve