The Future: What's next for Stairway To Vegan?

More designs, more product choices!

Continuous New Design Releases

I have literally hundreds more design ideas growing in the garden, and will be adding them to the store at a rate of about a dozen per week!

You will find them in the forthcoming collection, "New Crop"!

More Product Choices

Soon I will adapt the artwork and designs to other clothing and useful gift items that make sense -- and hopefully you'll love!

I'm looking at hoodies, embroidered beanies, stickers and other wearables and items that will get noticed and get the conversation going. I'd like to steer more toward items that can have a long life (clothing) rather than things with a shorter shelf life.

If you have any ideas, let me know here »


I hope that Stairway To Vegan is inspirational enough and has enough excitement to attract and involve other artists and partners in creating and promoting the concepts values and substantial positive health, environmental and ethical outcomes of purely plant based nutrition.

A couple examples of folks I'd love to hear from:

  • artists or simply those with ideas for designs or products who may want to contribute or partner on artwork or products, or wish to work together to co-produce their ideas and see them to market
  • passionate people who produce media or work on programs who may wish to see co-themed designs made and launched
  • other creative cross-pollinations with like minds.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, let me know here »


I'm also planning to make financial and in-kind contributions to specific organizations or individuals working effectively toward shared outcomes and impacts, based on portions or in certain cases my entire profits from certain designs.

A couple of ways that could work:

  • I create a design for an organization or project that we cooperatively promote to raise funds for the org or project through a revenue share.
  • A design that's already created gets showcased on Stairway To Vegan and funds from sales funnel back to the org or project via revenue share.

If you have thoughts or request for this, please reach out and let me know here »

Have an idea?

I'd love to hear about other creative, mutually beneficial collaborations. Please reach out and let me hear from you »